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  • John Bragstad

The Centerpoint in a Turning World

Updated: Mar 3

I Look Not Back By: Annie Johnson Flint

Born in 1866, Annie Johnson Flint was an orphan in childhood. Later in life, she lost both adopted parents in a short span of time. She was crippled with arthritis and had to give up her post as a teacher. Eventually, she could not walk and typed out her many Christian poems with only her knuckles. She is an inspiration. And, once you know the story, her words become even more poignant and impactful.

I look not back; God knows the fruitless efforts, The wasted hours, the sinning, the regrets. I leave them all with Him who blots the record, And graciously forgives, and then forgets.

I look not forward; God sees all the future, The road that, short or long, will lead me home, And He will face with me its every trial, And bear for me the burdens that may come.

I look not round me; then would fears assail me, So wild the tumult of earth's restless seas, So dark the world, so filled with woe and evil, So vain the hope of comfort and of ease.

I look not inward; that would make me wretched; For I have naught on which to stay my trust. Nothing I see save failures and shortcomings, And weak endeavors, crumbling into dust.

But I look up--into the face of Jesus, For there my heart can rest, my fears are stilled; And there is joy, and love, and light for darkness, And perfect peace, and every hope fulfilled.

The lyrics for this hymn are in the public domain and may be

shared or reproduced without obtaining permission.

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