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  • John Bragstad

Our Wednesday / Ash Wednesday

Updated: Mar 3

From Psalm 130, Martin Luther wrote this moving hymn which, significantly, was also sung at his funeral. "Out of the depths, I cry to you, Lord, hear my voice." Words to mark Ash Wednesday as we remember Jesus' journey for us to the cross and on to the Resurrection.

Out of the depths, I cry to you; O Lord God, hear me calling.

Incline your ear to my distress in spite of my rebelling.

Do not regard my sinful deeds.

Send me the grace my spirit needs;

without it, I am nothing.

All things you send are full of grace; you crown our lives with favor.

All our good works are done in vain without our Lord and Savior.

We praise you for the gift of faith;

You save us from the grip of death;

Our lives are in your keeping.

In you alone, O God, we hope, and not in our own merit.

We rest our fears in your good Word and trust your Holy Spirit.

Your promise keeps us strong and sure;

we trust the cross, your signature,

inscribed upon our temples.

Closing Prayer (A Prayer of Martin Luther's)

O God, where is there another like you? You forgive sin and forgive the iniquity of the lowest of your people. You do not stay angry forever, for you are merciful, and you pardon our transgressions and cast all our sins into the deep sea.

Do continue forever to be merciful so that we may walk in the light of your Word and escape every trap of Satan and of the world through Jesus Christ, your Son, our Redeemer. Amen

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