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  • John Bragstad

My Easter Morning

Adrift in time

The story flits across

The pages of history.

A fiction?

A tale?

Perhaps imaginings

Of disciples who

Would not let the Master die.

But, it carries within it, notes of Truth.

Disturbing images of followers torn to shreds,

The haunting note of witnessed miracles,

The siren whisper of what Could Be.

The Resurrection of Jesus challenges us.

If true, then what? And if we make it false,

Then what? Does it make it any less true?

“I will go before you to Galilee.”

“Tell the disciples, and Peter!”

He meets us here, in bread and wine,

In dark and terrible moments,

In trickling laughter and doubt.

He finds us in our will to believe,

In His determination to Search and Rescue.

“Come Lord Jesus, be our Guest.”

Easter; our Invitation, our Homecoming,

The wayward child’s walk up the road,

No more talk of wrong, no more scent of death.

“I will be with you always.”

Never Less.

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