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  • John Bragstad

Easter, 2023

We wait the long wait

From darkness to light,

From Good Friday to Easter.

Suspended hopes,


Fear and disappointment.

Memories washed up on the tide.

The dream is over.

The connection lost.

Jesus waits for us at the tomb,

Eager for surprise,

Joyful anticipation of hearts

That will beat faster now,

Wildly unexpecting - Reunion!

He waits for us on the shore,

Unrecognized at first,

Bent down to turn over

A piece of fish on the fire.

A hearty embrace

and laughter.

Again the race is on,

The rush to greet him.

The knowing embrace,

The warmth of companionship.

An abridged chapter. If only

the sands of the Sea of Galilee

could talk.

Death proves not to be a closed door.

Easter morning brings the dawn.

Love again afoot in the world.

The unbroken stream of life

Flowing heavenward.

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